Welcome to HARRHEIN

Harrhein is embarking on exploration and expansion, while the King is fending off his barons and lords who are trying to foist a parliament on him to give themselves more power and money, and less for him.

It makes no difference to the ordinary people, of course.

In the blogs you will find out the latest news as to what is happening, and what new stories are on their way.  Some of these stories of course will not make it to the final stage of production, but will stay and worry the author's mind for many years.

You can find out more about the individual personages, some of the history and we will add more details and maps as requested


Here you can find out more about Harrhein, its people, its challenges and its history.  You can't buy anything here!  

But you can help to direct the direction of the stories - please feel free to comment on the Blog posts.  Just click on the title.